Longyuan Group Organizes Mid-2019 Working Conference

Time : 2019-07-15
On the morning of July 1, the mid-2019 working meeting of Longyuan Group was solemnly held in the conference room on the second floor of the headquarters. Lai Zhenyuan, Chairman of the Group, Lai Chaohui, President, senior executives of various lines, some heads of group management departments and general managers of branch companies attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Li, Vice President of the Group.

Zhang Li gave a briefing on the overall operation of the Group in the last half year, the operation of the branches and the ranking of the sub-companies in terms of business volume, output value, debt clearance and other indicators. Each ranking intuitively reflects the above-mentioned index completion value and completion ratio of each branch, and also puts forward requirements for the second half of the work of the branch.

The representative supervisory group of Qian Shuijiang, the executive vice president, reported on the problems and suggestions for improvement in the implementation of the spirit of the annual meeting of the sub-company, and put forward requirements for the implementation of the spirit, objectives and plan management of the annual meeting in the second half of the company. This is also the first comprehensive and systematic supervisory report since the establishment of the supervisory group.

Lai Zhenyuan made an important speech. He pointed out individual problems in the branch and ordered rectification. He demanded that we should think twice a day to boost Longyuan brand and rebuild Longyuan team. We should constantly reflect, find shortcomings, find gaps and find ways for ourselves. Branches should actively play their role, actively explore the market and serve the project department. Every Longyuan person should be faithful in his work, work with public heart and strive hard. Fight hard, overcome difficulties, and work together to do a good job in the group work.

Each branch, general contracting company, Longyuan Mingcheng and the group's lines report one by one on the completion of the first half of the year's indicators, the implementation of the spirit of the annual meeting and the work plan for the second half of the year. Around the fierce competition environment in the current market, they also reflected the problems and support needs in the current work to the group company, and also put forward some good opinions and suggestions. Each line of the group company responded positively to the questions raised by the branch company, and discussed with the branch company at the specific business level. It is worth mentioning that the deputy general manager of the branch in charge of operation, engineering, finance and other lines also made an exchange of speeches at the meeting in the light of frontline work experience and existing problems.

Lai Chaohui made a concluding speech at the meeting. He put forward the following requirements for the management of the group around the development of the branch business, the improvement of the fundamentals and self-management.

Firstly, we should base ourselves on the main business, strengthen the branch company and upgrade the brand of the branch company. Although the group has certain advantages in the field of infrastructure investment, there is still a gap between the traditional construction industry, branch companies and outstanding colleagues, which needs to be further strengthened. For this reason, the group should set up professional subsidiaries to support the development of the whole group business, support the branch to enter more professional business areas, and improve the market share of traditional business. In order to support the realization of the above goals, branch companies should head up and fill in the shortcomings.

Second, we should recognize the two orientations of "management center" and "profit center". Branch is the management center and profit center of the group. Especially in the period of transformation, we should adjust our thinking point, truly embody our value in the company's various work and system implementation, establish the concept of "matching power and responsibility", and better exercise power and perform duties.

Third, we should further improve the management level. Through the promotion of business and financial management, especially financial management, we can further improve the level of group management, and then improve the efficiency of asset operation.

Fourth, we need to integrate existing resources and adjust business ideas. First, we should integrate internal and external resources, and do a good job in cooperative management; second, we should give full play to the subjective initiative of the branch; third, we should further improve the incentive mechanism for business development and improve the enthusiasm of operation.

Lai Chaohui looks forward to the development goals of the Group in the next few years. He hopes that all departments and branches of the Group will do their jobs well and help Longyuan develop to a new level.

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